Gloucester Art in the City

en plein air competition 2016​

Saturday 30th July 2016 competition day.  I started out with great expectations and I must say, quite early in time to register at the Guildhall (third in the queue!) and then get to my chosen place to paint for the day, Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Docks art

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                                                                                                                             'Here Today'

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Have I found the right position!

Hard at work hoping that all will turn out okay, as many artists know watercolour is not the easiest of mediums to work with but as the painting developed I was pleased with its progression. 

The judges of competition take a look

Judges PJ Crook and Ed Swarez 

taking a look at how things are going. 

Gloucester Docks art
 Gloucester Art in The City

Gathering of the ten finalist

Then on to Blackfriars for the short listed 

Pride of place next to my winning painting

Looking very pleased next to my winning painting

 'Here Today'

 Gloucester Art in The City
 Gloucester Art in The City

1st prize!    receiving the main award

Receiving the Main Award from P J Crook

main award

Gloucester News  

‘Art in The City Hailed a Great Success’

There was a whole range of different media and techniques used by competitors including lithograph, pastels, oils and other mixed media. The top prize was won by Vivien Townsend with runner up Max Hale and the winner of the student prize was Emilia Grace Steele.

Upon awarding the top prize, internationally renowned artist P J Crook commented on the high quality of the participants and in particular the technical skill and sense of movement of the winning piece and the way that the painting caught the spirit of the city on that day.